Buck Hood Punk Survival Knife Review

Buck Hood Punk Survival Knife 02The knives from the famed knife-maker Buck were developed from Kansas by a young apprentice of a blacksmith. His named is Hoyt Buck and in his quest to look for a better means of tempering the steel so that it would be able to get a hold of the edge in a longer way. His one of a kind approach led to the birth of the maiden Buck Knife way back in 1902. The development led to the creation of every knife by hand with the use of worn-out file blades as the raw material. His work with knives was immensely appreciated during the time of the World War II.After WWII (particularly in 1947). Hoyt, together with his son named Al, migrated to San Diego in California and then started a business called the H.H. Buck & Son.

Seventeen years later, Hoyt’s son revolutionized the industry of making knives with the introduction of the Model 110 Folding Hunter and the folding “lock blade” knife. This instituted the Buck brand as the leader in the industry of cutlery. Since the beginning, the Buck family has been at the forefront in terms of the development of innovative products as well as in the enhancement in the knife industry. Accordingly, the so-called Buck “Hoodlum” is the outcome of this long standing tradition.

Buck Hood Punk Survival Knife 01Whom is the product for?

The knife called the Buck “Hood or Punk”is meticulously created and designed to be a knife that can be used for outdoors, survival, and adventure. It is made to handle the toughest and most rugged of conditions. This knife is entirely based on the design of Ron Hood and is developed using the quality standards of the Buck Company. The “Punk” knife provides assistance to ensure a person’s survival in extreme outdoor conditions. One of the outstanding features of this knife is the Shock Mitigation System or SMS and this feature can minimize shock as well as reduces wasted energy while being used. In addition to that, it is designed in such a way that the security and comfort of the grip or handle slabs can be removed easily. This is in order for the knife to be pounded to the stave in forming the makeshift spear in the instances that the user is in the situation being threatened by the predatory and wild animals.


Main Features

In addition to these, the Hood Punk knife is available with M.O.L.L.E., a heavy duty and lightweight that is compatible the nylon sheath and has storage pouch. It features the 5 and 5/8 inches of the blade, which is clip point in structure, and is made using the 5160 alloy steel that has a matte and flat ground finish. This also incorporates the huge choil for the index finger of the user. The purpose of this is to provide greater control and maneuverability over the blade when the user performs delicate and complicated tasks within the raised hump on the parts located at the spine of blade.

Product Specifications

• Overall Length: 11″ (27.9 cm)
• Blade Length: 5.625″ (14.3 cm)
• Blade Thickness: 0.175″
• Blade Steel: 5160 Powder Coated
• Handle Material: SMS (Shock Mitigation System), Black Micarta
• Weight: 7.4 oz (209.8 g)

This feature can provide the user with more leverage when the knife is used for carving. Also, this also features ergonomic feel and look that is full tang kind of grip or handle. The handle also has a small sub-hilt, finger groove and textured in black color and this is called the Micarta slab. Finally, there is also a lanyard loop that is exposed.

Product summary

This model of knife from Buck is extremely fitted for use during outdoor adventures. It is considered as the ultimate survival tool. The blade, which is shaped as a clip point, has the right length as it can perform nicely as a general purpose kind of knife. In addition, the flat, full and grind part of the blade allows the user access to the very sharp (not mostly tough) edge. With the addition of the matte finish, corrosion is prevented. However, the length of the blade is not fully effective as a chopping tool. Longer blades will give problems in terms of controlling it especially in making precision cutting.

The 5160 alloy steel has its own pros and cons in this knife model. This alloy steel exhibits increased hardness, wear resistance/toughness and strength than a knife made from carbon-based steel. Therefore, these alloy steels are utilized well in a wide array of industries. Alloy steels are used in creating knives with a high quality of edge retention. It is very tough in a sense that it can resist chipping problems as well as breakage because of hard use. However, the downside is primarily due to the content of the alloy steels – it has less than four percent of chromium and hence, these steels are not as popular as stainless steels. In order to become stainless steel, the material must have more than 12.5% of chromium. This means that there is a need for extra caring for knives with 5160 alloy steel. You must be extra vigilant in the prevention of corrosion unless these knives are being coated with a non-corrosive finish.

Product Pros

The grip or handle of the knife demonstrates substantial prudence about the knife’s ergonomics such as the raised hump on the spine of the blade and the little dip in tang. There is no official statement about the length of the handle in the official website Buck, but by observing it, one can conclude that the handle is enough to accommodate even users with bigger hands – especially those who prefer to handle the knife without the placement of the index finger in choil. But the Micarta slabs provide toughness to the handle and have a waterproof characteristic.

This slab is removable as well. Lastly, the addition of the M.O.L.L.E. and its overall design is very compatible especially the nylon sheath material because this material is tremendously tough and is waterproof and impermeable to the absorption of the moisture. The design makes it possible such that it is compatible to M.O.L.L.E. and this can give users with several and varying options in terms of attaching the knife to the gear.

Product Cons

One possible con of this knife is the price, in which it is cost close to $200. The second disadvantage is that you will have to take extra good care of this knife because of its alloy steel content.