Andrew Caspersen’s Wedding was Great, but His Marriage Wasn’t

Andrew Caspersen’s story is one that definitely deserves to be turned into a movie. He used to be a Wall Street Golden Boy. He made it big in the business. He even found a really beautiful woman named Christina to spend the rest of his life with. Andrew Caspersen’s wedding is something everyone will be envious of. Sadly, their marriage didn’t turn out as happy as they were during the wedding.

Andrew has defrauded a lot of people, making them lose millions of dollars. It came as a major surprise to everyone.

It was supposed to be a happily ever after for the couple, but it turned out to be a disaster as Andrew has been found guilty of fraud.

Christina stood by his side even during the darkest moments as Andrew has been convicted for fraud and is off to jail.

It was supposed to be a happily ever after for Andrew and his wife. Their marriage didn’t even last that long when he pleaded guilty for fraud.

The couple graduated from Princeton. They were both madly in love with each other. It was totally unfortunate that they have to be apart now that Andrew is in jail.

Andrew is going away for 4 years, and frankly he deserves it. He even defrauded his own mother along with the closest people around him.

The original sentence was supposed to be 16 years, but Andrew is put away for only 4 years after pleading guilty of fraud worth $38 million.

Andrew is the son of Finn Caspersen. His father committed suicide via gunshot when his tax evasion trial started. Apparently, Andrew is not the only Caspersen to have this story.

Andrew definitely has nothing to worry after serving his sentence. For sure, major movie companies would be running after him to make his story a blockbuster hit.

No one deserves to be in Christina’s shoes. The woman only wanted to settle with the love of her life and live in peace. Sadly, it wasn’t the case.